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Analysis on Macao’s New Immigrants from Mainland China

Wong Hon Keong ,  T.J. Cheng / Author(s) 

2005, 216pp, 21CM
ISBN 99937-26-60-5

MOP 40.0

Chinese Immigration and Emigration – A Population Study of Macau

D.Y.Yuan / Author(s) 

2000, 125pp, 24CM
ISBN 99937-26-08-7

MOP 40.0

Macau and its Neighbors toward the 21st Century

Rufino Ramos ,  José Rocha Dinis ,  D.Y.Yuan ,  Rex Wilson / Editor(s) 

1998, 359pp, 27CM
ISBN 972-97631-9-4

MOP 85.0

Macau and Its Neighbours in Transition

Rufino Ramos ,  José Rocha Dinis ,  D.Y.Yuan ,  Rex Wilson / Editor(s) 

1997, 446pp, 27CM
ISBN 972-96791-6-9

MOP 150.0

A Collection of Seminar Essays of the Population Conditions and Policies for the Development of Macau (As Condições e a Política de População para o Desenvolvimento de Macau)

Publications Centre of University of Macau ,  Centre for Macau Studies of University of Macau / Editor(s) 

1996, 152pp, 29CM
ISBN 972-96005-7-0
Chinese, English, Portuguese

MOP 55.0

Population and Development in Macau

Rufino Ramos ,  D.Y.Yuan ,  Wong Hon Keong ,  John E. M. Barnes / Editor(s) 

1993, 658pp, 26CM
ISBN 972-96005-4-6
Portuguese, Chinese, English

MOP 220.0

Socioeconomic Development and Quality of Life in Macau

Bruce Taylor / Editor(s) 

1992, 257pp, 26CM

MOP 100.0

Population and City Growth in Macau

D.Y.Yuan ,  Wong Hon Keong ,  Libânio Martins / Editor(s) 

1990, 315pp, 26CM

MOP 50.0

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