Sports Facilities Online Booking System

  Login Information for Students:
    All University of Macau students with active status are granted access to the Sports Facilities Online Booking System.
To log in, students use the same ID and password as the one used to access Student Information (SI) Web Service for Students.
  Login Information for Staff:
    To log in, Academic Staff Members use the same ID as the one to access Class Lists from SI Web Service. Administrative Staff Members use the same ID as the one to access the Check In-Out System
  Login Information for UM Alumni users:
To book our venues online you will need to be a holder of "UM Alumni Card" and "UM Sports Facilities User Card".
UM Alumni Card with User ID and password issued by the Alumni and Development Office (ADO)
If you do not have the UM Alumni Card, you have lost the card, or you have forgotten your User ID and password, you may apply through ADO website at link.
UM Sports Facilities User Card by the UM Sports Complex
If you do not have such card, please visit our service counter at the UM Sports Complex (N8) with the presentation of UM Alumni Card at our counter.
Upon completion of items 1a and 1b, you may use your UM Alumni User ID (the first 7 characters of your previous student no., e.g. BA12345) and password, to login into the Sport Facilities Online Booking System.
Credit cards are accepted for UM Alumni users who wish to book sports venues online.

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After you have logged in successfully, you may:
  Book any sports venues.
  View bookings in details.
  View bookings’ schedule.