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Urban Planning and Public Participation 專家走進校園講座 - 城市規劃與公眾參與




Urban Planning and Public Participation
Speaker: Dr. CHUI Sai Peng


門回歸前鮮有聽聞「城巿規劃」的概念,隨着城巿急速發展,巿民意識到臨時個案式的規劃既不能滿足當代發展需求,也不能滿足下一代可持續發展的需求。隨着時 間過去,澳門政府和巿民都認同城巿規劃對城巿可持續發展的重要性,公眾如何參與其中相信大家都會感興趣。如想了解更多本地城巿規劃的資訊以及社會大眾如何 參與城巿規劃,歡迎蒞臨由澳門城巿規劃學會會長崔世平博士主講的分享會。


Urban planning is generally unheard of locally prior to the Handover. As rapid development has jolted this once cozy town, people have realized that ad hoc planning is neither desirable for this generation nor sustainable for future generations. Over time, the citizens and the government of Macau have come to the consensus that urban planning is crucial to the sustainable development of our city.  How the public can participate in the process is of interest to all.

If you want to know more about local urban planning development and how may the public be involved in the process, come join Dr. Chui Sai Peng, President of the Macau Urban Planning Institute, for this hour long sharing.


日期: 二O一七年四月五日 (星期三)

時間: 下午一時至二時三十分

地點: 澳門大學伍宜孫圖書館演講廳 (E2-G012)


如有垂詢,請與鍾小姐聯繫,電話: (853) 8822 4504,電郵:


Date: 5 April 2017 (Wednesday)

Time: 13:00 – 14:30

Venue: Auditorium, Wu Yee Sun Library (E2-G012), University of Macau

Language: Cantonese (with simultaneous interpretation)

For enquiry, please contact Ms. Chung at Tel: (853) 8822 4504, Email:



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